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OPTREAL is currently preparing and offering for sale 31 new plots for an individual construction of family houses.


To each of eight plots situated at the edge of the locality (D46 - D53) belong adjacent independently not sellable parcel supposed to be used as a garden. Both plots are being sold together (please visit the Price list). Due to the extra space and from a privacy point of view living there would therefore be even more exceptional.Area plots ranging from 1 004 to 1 302 m2

  • area plots ranging from 1 004 to 1 302 m2
  • independently not sellable gardens (D46z - D53z) belonging to the D46 - D53 plots are not determined as a building plots and therefore a family house can not be built up on them
  • At a close distance of a Průhonice park nature preserve
  • The D1 onramp is approximately 3,5 km distant
  • Very good transport connection with Prague using the PIT line no. 363 to metro Opatov, line no. 428 goes to Jesenice and on the other side to Říčany
  • Materninty school, private elementary school, library, post office and a small shop are availabe right in Dobřejovice
  • All amenities including another maternity schools, health and shopping centres and restaurants can be found in 5 km distant Jesenice
  • A whole range of shops, serivces and several restaurants are located in the commercial zone of Čestlice, which is just 6 km away and accessible using the 363 line